Career Criminal In Wheelchair Accused Of Shoplifting Brandishes Knife At Arizona Walmart, Shot Dead By Police

Was this suicide by police? According to the Walmart employee, Richards said, “If you want me to put down the knife, you’re going to have to shoot me.”

Credit: The Post Millennial


On Tuesday, a Tucson police officer was fired after he fatally shot a man in a wheelchair nine times who was suspected of stealing a toolbox from Walmart and brandishing a knife when asked about the item.

Officer Ryan Remington was reportedly working off-duty on a special duty assignment at a Tucson Walmart when his attention was drawn to 61-year-old Richard Lee Richards at around 6pm on Monday by an employee, according to the Tuscan Police Department. The employee said that Richards had stolen a toolbox.

Remington and the employee followed Richards into the parking lot, where they attempted to gain his cooperation.

When Richards was asked by an employee to see the receipt for the item, Richards reported brandished a knife and said “Here’s your receipt.”

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