Carmine’s Restaurant In New York Releases Video Footage Of Black Tourists Assaulting Hostesses Amid BLM Protests Of Restaurant

BLM shows once again that supporting criminals is a major part of their agenda

Credit: Carmines


Black Lives Matter protesters marched on famed New York diner Carmine’s late Monday — as the owner released new footage of the wild attack on his staff that he insisted had nothing to do with racism.

“Cancel Carmine’s!” chanted the large group, many wearing “Black Lives Matter New York” T-shirts, as they descended on the famed Upper West Side eatery late Monday.

“C’mon, black folks, you seen what they did to us,” one ringleader shouted outside the restaurant where three black Texas tourists were arrested Thursday for assaulting an Asian American hostess who refused to allow three of the group inside without proof they’d had coronavirus vaccines.

Bemused diners watched as the loud group continued shouting abuse just inches from staff as they crowded around the entrance, chanting “Shame” and for them to “leave,” videos posted on social media show.

The protesters accused the restaurant of putting black staff out front — even though the trio hurt in the brawl were also “people of color,” the restaurant said.

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