CNN Reports That Trump Lawyers Received A ‘Written Invitation’ To Inspect Georgia Voting Machines, Contradicts Earlier Reports

(Breitbart) CNN reported Sunday that lawyers for the 2020 presidential campaign of President Donald Trump received a “written invitation” to inspect voting machines and software in Georgia’s Coffee County — though that is not how CNN’s headline portrayed it.

In the CNN story, Trump is described as being implicated in a “voting system breach,” implying that he had personally hacked into voting systems, or that his campaign had done so. But the “breach” happened after the election, and appeared authorized.


CNN’s lead story on Sunday is titled: “Messages show Trump’s team behind voting system breach.” The article itself connects the “breach” with an imminent indictment of Trump that is expected in Georgia’s Fulton County over 2020 election challenges.

The article’s first paragraph drops the hint that the “breach” occurred in Georgia, not nationwide; and that it was not prior to the 2020 election, or the 2024 election, but rather in the aftermath of the 2020 election, when questions arose about potential fraud.

It begins:


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