Convicted Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin Files Appeal For New Trial In George Floyd Shooting Verdict

Credit: Minnesota Department of Corrections


Former Minneapolis policeman Derek Chauvin has filed a major appeals brief cataloging the improprieties in his trial for the “murder” of long-time drug addict and career criminal George Floyd.

Convicted a year ago after public threats of rioting if he were acquitted, Chauvin’s 72-page plea details prosecutorial misconduct and reversible judicial errors. The brief demands either a reversal of his conviction, reversal and a new trial, or reversal and a new sentence that comports with state guidelines.

Chauvin, who landed a 22-year-six-month sentence, then pleaded guilty to federal civil-rights charges, filed a motion for a new trial last year.

Floyd died of a fentanyl overdose on May 25 as Chauvin restrained him during a lawful arrest.

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