Senator Rand Paul Vows To Subpoena ‘Fauci The Dictator’ After He Stated That His Opinions Supersede Those Of The Supreme Court

Dr. ‘flip-flop’ as many call him has rarely gotten anything right related to his COVID advice



Appearing on Fox News Thursday, Senator Rand Paul again vowed to subpoena Anthony Fauci and force him to answer questions he has repeatedly dodged, urging that Fauci is “against freedoms”.

Speaking to Send Hannity, Paul declared that “Fauci’s sort of nonsense over whether the pandemics ended or not – when you see him come out and he basically has said that the court shouldn’t be involved with limiting his power. What he is saying basically is that he’s against individual choice, he’s against American freedoms to choose their own medicine, to choose their treatment.”

“So this is a man that is against everything that America stands for,” the Senator asserted.

Paul was referring to Fauci recently saying that his own opinions and those of the CDC should be above the authority of the courts when it comes to health policy.

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