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False Narrative: When Confronted, Secretary Mayorkas Can’t Name One Case Of ‘White Supremacy Or Domestic Terrorism’ That He’s Referred To DOJ

The real narrative is that Blacks committing hate crimes is on the rise nationally, but Mayorkas won’t talk about ‘black extremists’ on the list

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Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has claimed repeatedly that white extremists are the greatest terror threat to America but when confronted during a congressional hearing on Thursday he couldn’t name one single case he referred from DHS to the Department of Justice for “white supremacy or domestic terrorism.”

Florida Rep. Greg Steube (R), who sits on the House Judiciary Committee, grilled Mayorkas on the issue:

Steube also asked Mayorkas why he doesn’t consider BLM rioters (who caused $2 billion in damages during the Summer of Floyd) a domestic terror threat.

Mayorkas can’t name any cases because so-called “white extremist” attacks have been at a record low, despite non-stop hysterics from the regime.

The FBI has had to repeatedly manufacture domestic terror plots and fund their own “white extremist” groups just to justify their domestic War on Terrorism (aka War on the American People).

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