Defense Attorney’s Show Video Of George Floyd Complaining Of Eating ‘Too Many Drugs’ During Arrest

Credit: Fibonacci Blue


George Floyd appeared to complain of eating “too many drugs” or “too many pills” while being arrested on May 25 of last year, a defense attorney for former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin alleged on Wednesday.

Defense attorney Eric Nelson asked Los Angeles Police Sgt. Jody Stiger, a paid witness of the state in Chauvin’s trial over Floyd’s death, if Floyd complained to arresting officers the he “ate too many drugs.” Nelson played a clip of Floyd’s arrest from an officer’s body camera showing Floyd laying on the ground and speaking to officers. Floyd appears to say, “I ate too many …,” then crosstalk drowns out Floyd’s comments.

Nelson questioned Stiger about the clip, and Stiger said he could not make out Floyd’s comments.

Nelson: “Did you hear what he said?”

Stiger: “No, I couldn’t make it out.”

Nelson: “Does it sound like he says, ‘I ate too many drugs?’ Listen again.

[Floyd clip plays]

Stiger: “I can’t make that out, no.

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