Former Trump Spokeswoman Kellyanne Conway Gets Personal About Her Marriage Status And How Her Husband ‘Left’ Her For Twitter

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Kellyanne Conway held a key role in Donald Trump’s inner circle as a senior counselor to the president before she left the White House in the wake of family drama. In 2018, her lawyer husband, George Conway, began tweeting harsh criticism of Trump — calling him “a cancer” and his administration “a s–tshow in a dumpster fire” — and co-founding a now-defunct super PAC, the Lincoln Project, to stop the president’s re-election. (For his part, Trump called Conway the “husband from hell.”) Meanwhile, the couple’s teen daughter Claudia, one of their four children, began speaking out against Trump and clashing with her parents on TikTok in 2020, at one point saying she was “pushing for emancipation.” Today, Kellyanne and George — who are still married but not living together — go “back and forth” between their homes and children, Conway told The Post. This week, she published a memoir, “Here’s The Deal” (Threshold Editions), that chronicles all this and more, writing of her spouse: “I was looking at the possibility that the man who had always had my back might one day stab me in it.” Here, she talks to The Post’s Salena Zito about, among other things, “losing my husband to Twitter.”


In her new book, Kellyanne Conway reveals the hardships her job in President Donald Trump’s administration brought to her marriage with George Conway, a longtime conservative Republican.
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Kellyanne was so blindsided when her husband, George, started tweeting about Trump, she thought it was fake.
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New York Post: You have a chapter in the book titled “George doesn’t tweet” about the first time your husband, George, took a swipe at your boss, the president of the United States, and how that moment really took you by surprise.

Conway: What was shocking about that tweet looking back it came shortly after [George] took his name out of contention for Justice, Civil Division with a statement that read: “I called the President to take my name out. I sent him full support, it’s great working in the administration, and of course my wonderful wife.” And five days later, he tweeted it. So it was all very confusing. That’s why I said, “Well, he doesn’t tweet. And he wouldn’t say that.” He wasn’t being consistent with his own actions.

What is very galling … I think it was like the summer of 2018 he was telling the Michael Isikoff “Skullduggery” podcast, “Oh, I knew that this administration was a s–tshow and a dumpster fire by April of that year.” And I was like, “Really? Because then you came to Easter, then you came to Halloween, then you came to a very intimate dinner with the Kushners.”

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