Ghislaine Maxwell’s Sex Trial: A Summary Of The First Week

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British heiress Ghislaine Maxwell’s New York criminal trial on sex trafficking charges had its moments of drama both inside and outside the courtroom during the first week.

The case revolves around a portrait of wealth, status, and perversion although Maxwell’s lawyer, Bobbi Sternheim, asserted in her opening remarks that the case is about “memory, manipulation, and money.”

In the earlier part of the week, long lines formed on the sidewalk entering the courthouse. Maxwell’s older sister, Isabel, was literally walking in circles around a car to avoid the paparazzi swarming her like bees, as she twirled to avoid the cameras flashing on all sides.

One cameraman even remarked as she jerked right, and then left, and then right again as she tried to extract herself from the crowd, “She’s insane.”

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