Hail Of Bullets: Another Black Man Seals His Fate By Running From Police In Akron Ohio, City On Alert For Weekend Violence, Riots

How many black men would still be alive today if they cooperated with police?


(Gateway Pundit) Heavy duty trucks were parked in front of police headquarters in Akron Friday morning as the northeast Ohio city is on edge after reports a Black man fleeing a traffic stop Monday was shot and killed by eight police police officers who reportedly fired ninety rounds–hitting the man, 25-year-old Jayland Walker, sixty times. Akron announced Thursday the city’s four-day Rib, White and Blue Festival was being canceled, however there are still fireworks displays planned for Monday.


Jayland Walker, family photo.

WKYC-TV reporter Austin Love, “With the potential of unrest in Akron, snow plows are being used as street barriers surrounding the area of the Akron Police Department. This in the wake of the shooting death of 25 year old Jayland Walker. I have details this morning on @wkyc”

Initial statement by Akron police posted to Facebook on Tuesday:


WKYC reported on the autopsy of Walker (excerpt):

WKYC video of the scene of the shooting shows dozens of evidence markers.

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