Michigan Township Residents Upset At Influx Of Illegal Immigrants – ‘Ship Them To Governor Whitmer’s House’

Hundreds of people packed the Davison Missionary Church in Genesee County on Monday night. They voiced concerns over potential homeless and transient people allegedly being dropped off by the busload at a local Meijer.

(Michigan News Source) It wasn’t technically standing room only at Davison Township’s Monday night board meeting, but it came pretty close as hundreds of residents poured into the Davison Missionary Church to find out about whether Greyhound busses were dropping off illegal immigrants and homeless people in the local Meijer parking lot.

“We are on a fact-finding mission with Greyhound and Meijer,” said Board Supervisor Jim Slezak. “Personally, I don’t want this going on.”


Agenda item 15 made the rounds on social media over the weekend, prompting the board to change the meeting location several hours before to make room for the potentially large crowd. The item specifically listed “Greyhound bus dropping off a full bus of transients, homeless, and otherwise unattached people to Davison Township Meijer once-a-week.”

During the meeting, it appeared both board members and residents had more questions than answers. The board explained that they had been fielding nonstop phone calls since Friday about the alleged bus drop offs, and this was the first time board members heard of it. According to the board, their fact-finding mission so far shows the alleged drop offs have been going on for two-and-a-half months. People have reported travelers with backpacks and suitcases arriving on the bus in the Meijer parking lot. It’s unclear where they are from or where they are going.

Dozens of residents stood in line during public comment. “Is there anything you’re doing outside of putting it in Meijer’s hands?” one woman asked the board. “I live one mile from there. What’s being done to assure our safety?”

Davison Township Police Chief Jay Rendon emphasized that no crime had been committed. “If you see something, call 911 and we will be there fast,” he told the crowd. In addition, he said Meijer has not complained.

One man told the audience a homeless-looking person tried to come in through his sliding glass door at night. One woman said she called the police after what she assumed was a homeless woman curled up on her porch.

The unwritten theme in the room seemed to emphasize the Biden administration’s open southern border and states like Texas that are shipping the illegals who cross their borders to various sanctuary cities and Blue Democratic states.

“Every person in this room knows where these people are from,” said one resident. “It’s something that’s going on across this nation. It’s finally hit our backyards. If we have to surround those buses ourselves when you don’t do your job, we will!”

One resident, who identified herself as a social worker, said she just moved to the area from Flint.

“Homeless people thirty years ago are different from homeless people today,” she said. “They are desperate people and we don’t have the resources here. They need to go where they can be helped.”

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