New York Woman Who Ran Over BLM Protestors Alleges She Was Attacked, Rejects Plea Deal Before Trial

On guy who was injured claims it was ‘white supremacy’ that caused her actions



A Queens woman accused of driving through a Manhattan Black Lives Matter protest a year ago has refused a plea deal — choosing to stand trial because she insists she had been under attack.

Kathleen Casillo, 52, was caught in shocking video footage as she drove her black BMW sedan through the protest against ICE detentions in Midtown on Dec. 11 last year.

It shows her stopped at 39th Street and Third Avenue with protesters in front of her car — seconds before she floors it, with people screaming and rushing to help those left crumpled on the ground.

Casillo insisted at the time that she felt under attack from protesters who were screaming abuse and banging on her car. She was released within hours with a desk ticket, The Post noted at the time.


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