No Surprise: BLM Slams Biden For Vowing To ‘Fund The Police’

With less police, it’s easier for BLM to loot, burn and carry out violent acts

BLM rioters take to the streets. / PHOTO: Associated Press


Black Lives Matter condemned President Joe Biden on Tuesday for vowing to “fund the police” during his State of the Union address.

In an attempt to distance his party from the radical “defund the police” movement, Biden said during his speech, “We should all agree: The answer is not to defund the police. The answer is to fund the police. Fund them with resources and training they need to protect our communities.”

In response, the official Black Lives Matter organization tweeted:

“No, [Biden], we don’t ‘all agree,’” BLM continued. “We still say #DefundThePolice and hold killer cops accountable.”

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