NYC Mayor Eric Adams Blames Guns For The Shooting Death Of Police Officer, Not The Criminal Who Pulled The Trigger

This backward logic and the revolving door of criminals through liberal bail reform, is why crime has run rampant in New York City

Alexi Rosenfeld/Getty Images


New York City Mayor Eric Adams called on the federal government to help “stop the flow of guns” after two NYPD officers were shot, one fatally, in Harlem Friday night.

Adams made the remarks in a press conference Friday night outside Harlem Hospital, where one of the two officers was being treated for gunshot wounds.


Adams, who is a former NYPD officer himself, told reporters that under normal circumstances, only police officials would be standing at the podium giving remarks. “I did not want that tonight,” Adams said. “I wanted everyone to be in the same room. I wanted everyone to be here to understand: It is our city against the killers.”

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