Outta Here: Private-Sector Workers Say Crime Is So Bad In NYC, It’s ‘Not Worth The Hassle Anymore’

More than 40% of workers say they’re ready to leave the City over crime, homelessness and liberal laws that encourage both



Conditions in New York City have deteriorated so badly that a large segment of its private-sector workforce is thinking of fleeing rather than returning to the office, a new business survey released Thursday reveals.

Forty percent of employees who reside in Manhattan said they’re thinking of leaving as did 48% — nearly half — of workers who live in the city’s other four boroughs, the online Morning Consult poll of 9,386 employees found. It was commissioned by the Partnership for The City of New York.

Public safety concerns are an obstacle to persuading more employees working remotely to return to their Manhattan offices.

Of those respondents working remotely all or part of the time, 43% cited public safety as their No. 1 concern, followed by 27% who cited exposure to COVID-19.

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