Texas High School Shooting Suspect Goes Home And Parties While Victims Remain Hospitalized

A law enforcement officer walks in the parking lot of Timberview High School after a shooting inside the school in south Arlington, Texas, Wednesday, Oct. 6, 2021. © AP Photo/LM Otero Insert: Timothy George Simpkins © Arlington Police Department /AP


The 18-year-old student who was arrested earlier this week for shooting three people at a high school near Dallas has stirred online outrage by enjoying a welcome-home party after posting bail following less than one day in jail.

Timothy George Simpkins was restricted to home confinement and drug and alcohol testing under terms of his $75,000 bail, but that didn’t stop him from partying with family members after getting home from Tarrant County Jail on Thursday. Photos and a video clip from the party were even posted on social media.

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