Texas School Shooting Suspect’s Family Sets Up GoFundMe Campaign, Company Quickly Removes It From Platform

Suspect’s mother says son was ‘traumatized’

Credit: The Post Millennial


GoFundMe management removed a crowdfunding page set up by the family of suspected Texas school shooter Timothy Simpkins. The fundraising campaign was launched on Oct. 7 and removed 24 hours later. The $150 the GoFundMe page managed to raise in that time was refunded to donors.

The incident was captured on Friday by the Daily Mail. A GoFundMe representative told the site: “The fundraiser was removed from the platform because it violated GoFundMe Terms of Service.”

In terms of the motivation behind the crowdfunding effort in the first place points back to the alleged shooter’s family’s reaction as to why Simpkins may have shot a classmate and wounded a teacher. The family claimed he was acting in self-defense after being bullied for having a nice car and expensive shoes.

While the GoFundMe page itself was set up by attorney Kim T. Cole, it included a lengthy message said to be from the mother of Simpkins.

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