Trump Hints At Filing ‘Major’ Motion After FBI Raid On His Mar-a-Lago Home

Source: AP Photo/Julia Nikhinson

(TownHall) All I can say is ‘it’s about time.’ The delay was to be expected, however. The week of August 8 was a legal assault on Donald Trump at the state and federal levels. A federal appeals court paved the way for a new line of inquiry into Trump’s taxes. The former president sat down for a deposition regarding New York Attorney General Letitia James’ probe into the Trump Organization. The one legal move that got the most attention from the feds was the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago, where federal agents ransacked the former president’s home over classified materials that might have been declassified. Either way, the president is the ultimate authority regarding records classification. The alleged felonious activity regarding these documents outlined in the search warrant and affidavit from the rogue Biden Justice Department is not based on existing law. It was a political hit job, but you already knew that. Now, Trump says something “major” will be filed in the wake of this federal “break-in” at his home (via HuffPost):




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