Trump Opens Up, Gives His Opinion On ‘Biological Males’ Competing In Women’s Sports

Trumps comments were part of the interview he gave with Piers Morgan

Source: AP Photo/Josh Reynolds


n an interview this week, former President Donald Trump called out transgender athletes competing in women’s sports.

“How much do you think the cancel culture, woke debate, is now beginning to really damage the Democrats? And I’ll give you the example that’s been raging recently, this whole issue of transgender athletes in sport, for example. Women’s sport. Lia Thomas, the swimmer. I think it’s grotesquely unfair,” Morgan said.

“It is,” Trump agreed.

“You can support trans rights to equality and fairness, but also understand that what’s going on in sport is inherently unfair and unjust and unequal. Is that your position?” Morgan added.

“People see it and they won’t put up with it,” Trump responded. “They had a weight lifter where the record was, for 11 or 12 years, and they’d put a half-an-ounce on each side, the woman would lift – a guy comes along and breaks the record by numbers you would never –”

“Boris Johnson came out recently and said that he would ban biological males, people born with biological male bodies who transition – he would ban them from then competing in women’s sport,” Morgan said.


“Do you agree with that?”

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