Video: Just Another Weekend In Chicago As 46 Shot, 9 Killed In Gun Violence, Democrat Mayor Brandon Johnson Has Little To Say

People are literally running for their lives


(ABC7 Chicago) Forty-six people have been shot, nine fatally, in shootings across the city over the weekend, police said.


It was another violent weekend in Chicago.

One of the shooting victims was Terry’a Adams. She was one of seven people shot during a gathering Saturday night in the Austin neighborhood for her boyfriend, who died in a car crash.

A vigil was held in her honor on Monday evening. Those who loved Terry’a remembered her for her kindness.

“She loved to be around everybody. She’s a people person,” said Pinkie McBride, Adams’ mother. “Terry’a had love for everybody. She was always like a peacemaker, a peacemaker.”

Surveillance video shows the moment gunfire erupted on Iowa near Cicero as dozens of people ran for their lives.

“The kids all just said they were out there dancing, singing, having a good time and all they heard was gunshots,” McBride said. They ain’t seen nobody. They just heard gunshots. That’s it, so everybody is running. Everybody is running.”

Among them was the alleged gunman, dressed in jeans and a white top as he opened fire before running away.

“I want to say to the new mayor: We voted you in. You said you was going to deal with guns. I need you to step up,” McBride said.

Mayor Brandon Johnson doesn’t live far from where the shooting happened. At Monday’s graduation ceremony ceremony, he pledged work with the Chicago Police Department to make the city safer while welcoming 260 new recruits to the force.

Mayor Johnson addresses violent weekend after CPD graduation


Johnson praised the new officers for their commitment to making the city a safer place, but after this violent weekend, it appears the public safety plan is going to continue to evolve. For the 261 new police recruits, most who have been on the street now for several months, the summer ahead is a challenge they are ready to take on.

Recruit Julyssa Grijalva celebrated with her family and her younger brother, Anthony, who’s already on the force.

“There are a lot of people there that are good people. So, that helps, and everybody is just willing to just give me information, so I can be a better officer. So, every situation, you have to go in it differently,” Grijalva said.

This was Johnson’s first police graduation ceremony. He thanked the new officers for answering the call to make Chicago safer.

“Your path has led you here today. You’ve demonstrated your commitment to the principles of justice and fairness and for the protection of our communities. That is the soul of Chicago,” Johnson said.

Police also marked the previous promotions of 84 detectives. Johnson campaigned on promoting 200 more as soon as possible to help reduce violence by solving more crimes.

“I will have your back to ensure that the city that we all love has everything it deserves,” Johnson said.

But, on Monday, he offered only a vague response to the weekend violence.

“The city of Chicago is aligning with what works. That’s a complementary approach to build a better stronger safer Chicago,” Johnson said. “What you’re going to see over time is a more sophisticated sharp response to what’s public safety has to look like.”

Johnson made it clear that he is committed to a complementary city-wide approach to preventing violent crime.

“Over these last three weeks, I’ve had the opportunity to work with a variety of stakeholders to continue to administer a plan that will engender the type of confidence that we’re going to need to create a better, stronger, safer Chicago,” Johnson said.

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