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Video: Q’Anon Shaman Released From Prison After Tucker Carlson Released J6 Footage Showing Democrats Hid The Truth

Q’Anon Shaman aka Jacob Chansley was smeared by the Democrats and denied his right to evidence at trial

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(Townhall) Will justice be done in the case of Jacob Chansley? Mr. Chansley (the QAnon Shaman) was handed a near-four-year prison sentence for his role in the January 6 riot.

Chansley was smeared as a domestic terrorist by Democrats and the establishment media, his image as the poster child for a conservative movement run amok.


We endured endless hyperbole, fake news, and outright fabrications about the January 6 riot for weeks. We also had some of the most historically illiterate lectures offered by liberals in recent memory; this riot wasn’t worse than Pearl Harbor of the 9/11 attacks. Chansley and hundreds of others who entered the Capitol Building were arrested, convicted of trumped-up charges, and handed years-long sentences. At its core, all these people did was trespass.

The 40,000-plus hours of security cam footage were never released to the public for obvious reasons: it didn’t fit the narrative they manufactured. The Left tried to paint the day as an Americanized ‘storm the Bastille,’ pure chaos. It’s rather dull footage of a so-called armed insurrection. But if Democrats controlled the House, it would remain under lock and key. That changed when Republicans retook control, and Speaker Kevin McCarthy handed the tapes to Fox News’ Tucker Carlson.

Carlson dissected the footage, paying particular attention to Chansley, who was sought to be some figure akin to the Visigoths sacking Rome but was led around the Capitol by police officers, some of whom tried to open locked doors inside the building. There is not a single point where Chansley is arrested by police, even passing by several stationed in a hallway. Chansley even delivered a prayer to Capitol Police on the House floor.

Who else saw this footage? It does bring this whole incident into a new light. Apparently, not even members of the select committee tasked with investigating the riot saw the footage, an admission of gross negligence. Was Carlson responsible for what happened next? Who knows, but for now, Mr. Chansley has been released from prison (via The Blaze):


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