‘Anqueefa’: These Are The White BLM Activists Arrested At Anti-Dave Chappelle Protest

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(TownHall) A circus of far-left extremists were arrested in Minneapolis at the violent direct action organized against irreverent funny guy Dave Chappelle‘s performance last Friday.

The venue was relocated to Varsity Theater after woke activists—accusing the black comedian of transphobia—targeted Chappelle’s sold-out comedy show at the initial First Avenue locale earlier in the week and pressured event management to cancel the stand-up act. The cry-bullies were successful, forcing the impromptu move just hours before Chappelle was set to take the stage on the first of his three consecutive days in the Democrat stronghold showcasing unapologetic comedic repertoire, including jabs that come for all, pull no punches, and trigger the wrath of “the alphabet people.”

At the Varsity Theater staging ground, a sideshow of masked, colored-haired, and mostly white anti-fascists sought to shut down the black comic prior to showtime. One of the show-goers waiting in line was hit by an egg thrown by a screaming individual, The Star Tribune reported. According to The Daily Mail, an on-stage Chappelle mocked the outraged mob, belting a one-line zinger to his fans: “I’d respect them more if there was at least one black person!” Ironically, it appears a black police officer handcuffed at least two white anti-Chappelle protestors, who’ve also frequented Black Lives Matter demonstrations and often championed anti-racist causes. However, there was a lone black demonstrator detained on July 22, but she has been far less vocal about her BLM activism on social media than that of her white rage-tweeting counterparts.

Some of those jailed Karens includes a morbidly obese blogger who blames her uncontrollable defecation at work on American capitalism, a Grim Reaper cosplayer, and an arson-endorsing repeat arrestee.

Among the five protestors arrested, 35-year-old Rachel Lee Bean was taken into custody by the Minneapolis Police Department on suspicion of felony assault in the first degree and rioting, according to the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office jail roster. Bean has since been released from custody, per Minnesota’s 36-hour rule.

According to a police report obtained by Townhall via a public records request, Bean used her hands, fist, or feet in the alleged assault resulting in minor injury to the unnamed victim who made a citizen’s arrest. The incident was caught on a body-worn police camera donned by one of the responding officers. Only subjects in the footage are permitted to view the video, a police records specialist told Townhall. Bean’s case is still active.

A black officer arrested Bean, according to a photo taken at the scene by journalist Nadia Shaarawi. Footage filmed by Shaarawi captured Bean, who was leaning on a barricade, evading a spray of mace from a cop.

Bean, who asserts that she is living “on stolen Dahkota land” in The Twin Cities, is a self-described “white, fat, disabled queer.” The leftist activist claims she became incapacitated by “Long Covid,” which refers to a case of persisting COVID-19 symptoms in the weeks or months after a patient first contracted the coronavirus.

In a January 2021 Medium post, titled “I Sh*t My Pants at Work,” Bean dedicated an entire—and rather candid—article to chronicling her detailed tale of workplace incontinence and “survival” all while “dealing with Long Covid under capitalism.” The diary-like entry narrates how Bean became “disabled by the productivity demands of this capitalistic hellscape world.” She’s no stranger to ailments, though. “I have known the ways of chronic illness and been disabled-adjacent for big parts of my life,” Bean typed on Medium, listing afflictions that have plagued her, including Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, Epstein-Barr, malaria, tuberculosis, depression, and chronic fatigue. Bean disclosed that she then filed a short-term disability claim to take some time off of work.

On her personal blog, Bean divulged that she was denied disability benefits because her former employer cited her diagnosis of “morbid obesity” as an invalid reason. There she also discussed “fatphobia,” how the medical establishment will “always weaponize your fatness against you,” and “the insidious nature of diet culture.” Nevertheless, the overweight and unemployed blogger complained about food shortages, blaming “the overfed mouths of the middle and upper classes,” remarking: “Perhaps there would be enough for everyone.” Bean’s journal-style website also raved about “disability justice” as well as how “ableism fortifies and is fortified by white supremacy, settler colonialism, capitalism, heteropatriarchy, and other systems of oppression.”

Since raising a whopping $12,000-plus, Bean has created “a hardship fund” to beg for online donations to support her while she’s been without an income for months. This spring, Bean launched an anniversary fundraiser to commemorate her “Long Covid condition” turning two-years-old. On the crowdfunding site, Bean revealed she’s been unemployed since September but is pleading for others to pay her rent.

Five weeks into her medical leave, Bean penned a follow-up Medium article that points to “fighting upstream for so long” in the field of social services and the “psychological warfare” of the industry as the reason her “body entirely quit” and “rejects any amount of exertion.” A casual search for work across a few job boards ended with Bean in literal tears. Bean’s other tell-all confessionals and self-help advice on Medium includes a guide on how to navigate “a sexual relationship as an asexual person,” a warning against loving thy neighbor “in the time of fascism,” and step-by-step instructions for white allies “moving from ignorance to anti-racism.”

Bean’s woes were featured in a Yahoo! Finance article published in December 2021, complaining to reporters about her “profound exertion intolerance.” According to Bean, “eating is exertion, responding to voicemails and emails is exertion, [and] paying attention to my clients is exertion.” The Yahoo! report noted that Bean’s bid to receive long-term or short-term disability benefits was swatted down due to a lack of clinical evidence, specifically “no imaging, labs, or tests showed anything that demonstrated functional impairment.”

During the 2020 BLM-Antifa riots, Bean had helped to organize a hostile takeover of a Sheraton hotel in south Minneapolis for “a homeless sanctuary” to house almost 200 squatters in honor of George Floyd. Police cleared the commandeered property and city contractors boarded the building, deeming it a hazard after several days of 911 calls and multiple reports of gunfire, sex trafficking, and drug dealing. The place was described as “inhabitable” with broken glass and “needles everywhere,” The Minnesota Reformer reported.



Bean’s leftist extremism dates as far back as 2015 when she trekked to Ferguson, Missouri, in support of Michael Brown, the black man killed in a fatal police shooting following a strong-arm robbery and an altercation with the firing officer. After the not-guilty verdict was announced in the self-defense case of Kyle Rittenhouse, the acquitted teen who shoot three BLM rioters over in riot-torn Kenosha, Wisconsin, Bean tweeted: “I hope they burn that town down.” Bean has used social media to incite other acts of far-left violence. After the fall of Roe v. Wade, Bean wrote on Twitter: “Solidarity with everyone f*cking sh*t up today and in days to come.” Pro-abortion activists had vandalized and firebombed dozens of pregnancy enters as a unified reaction to the leak of the Supreme Court draft opinion and a radical post-Roe response to the court’s long-awaited ruling.

In 2016, Bean was convicted of legal-process obstruction for obstructing, hindering, or preventing the lawful execution of any legal process, civil or criminal, or apprehension of another on a charge or conviction of a criminal offense. A year earlier, in 2015, Bean was arrested by the Minnesota State Patrol and later convicted of public nuisance for interfering with, obstructing, or rendering dangerous for passage any public highway, right-of-way, or waters used by the public. Bean was represented in the latter case by then-criminal defense attorney Andrew Gordon of the Minneapolis-based Legal Rights Center, a left-wing activist organization that provides protest-related legal assistanceand has even won an annual “Social Justice Award” for “defending Black Lives Matter.” Last year, Gordon left his position as the LRC’s deputy director for community legal services when the state’s Democratic Gov. Tim Waltz appointed him to serve as a Minnesota District Court judge.

Natalina Rizzo Slaughter, 31, was arrested and charged with damaging, mutilating, or defacing any exterior surface of a structure by marking, carving, or graffiti. Slaughter was quickly released without bail.

She has a court appearance downtown at the county’s Public Safety Facility scheduled for Sept. 29, according to Minnesota Judicial Branch court documents reviewed by Townhall, and another Oct. 3 hearing where a bench warrant may be issued for Slaughter’s arrest if she fails to appear before Judge Amber Brennan.

Slaughter, who also goes by the name “Natalie Maria Alexandra” per a statewide court records search and a research project authored by Slaughter on reducing victim-blaming, is an aspiring actress with an “evil” and “demonic” voice style, according to her Backstage profile. One of her uploaded modeling photos shows Slaughter in a “Street Therapist” top while marching at another BLM protest in the city of Bloomington.


Dubbed the “Anqueefa Swamp Queen,” she has posted “goth fashion shoots” on TikTok, posing with an axe or a knife stained with fake blood. One of her videos is accompanied with lyrics from the song “Disciples” by Captain Murphy, whose mixtape includes archived cult footage featuring Heaven’s Gate co-founder Marshall Applewhite, who organized the religious group’s mass suicide. “Don’t you want to become a cult leader? Since the death of God there has been a vacancy open. You can fill that void,” is sung over Slaughter’s clip. Slaughter has dressed up as Death the Reaper “coming for Bob KKKroll,” a former member of the Minneapolis Police who served as president of the Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis. Calls for Kroll’s resignation mounted when he labeled the relentless BLM riots “this terrorist movement” in a leaked email to the police union.

In a federal lawsuit filed last March, Slaughter, a #MeToo feminist, claimed that a correctional officer at St. Louis County Jail choked her while she was a contracted medical technician for the Duluth detainment facility. The suit alleged that the officer “had a previous history of conducting similar unprovoked attacks on new medical staff” as “a form of training exercise,” though the document did not provide supporting evidence, The Duluth News Tribune reported. The county denied Slaughter’s account of having been strangled, but commissioners agreed to pay $55,000 to settle the federal case in its early stages. “The alleged strangulation did not actually occur,” Assistant St. Louis County Attorney Nick Campanario rebutted in a July 2021 filing, per The Duluth News Tribune. “This will be demonstrated by, among other things, the testimony of Corrections Officer Burhans, the corroborating testimony of a MEnD employee who witnessed the interaction at issue, and the nonexistence of medical records, photographs, and other documents supporting Slaughter’s false allegations.”

Slaughter was hired by MEnD Correctional Care, a private company that provides inmate medical services, according to her LinkedIn page. With “a unique education background in feminist theory and gender studies,” Slaughter hopes to “one day become a sex therapist.” As of lately, Slaughter was a clinical intern at Duluth Institute where she “excelled at creating a professional environment in which sexual offenders could succeed.”

27-year-old Sheridan Ann Lair, of Burnsville, was booked on the same vandalism charge. Lair—also promptly released without bail—has a court appearance at the same downtown location as Slaughter is ordered to appear at and on the exact date. She has to appear for an Oct. 3 hearing as well at the Public Safety Facility.

Comrades have offered to send Lair money for “jail support.” Lair tweeted she plans to speak with the National Lawyers Guild (NLG) to get the case dropped and will request funding through Venmo if there are legal fines.

The vandalism charges facing Lair and Slaughter are misdemeanors that go through the City Attorney’s office, FOX 9 explained, not the Hennepin County Attorney’s Office. The city has pressed charges in both cases.

Townhall reached out to Bean and Slaughter for comment. Bean immediately blocked this reporter on Twitter. Lair told Townhall: “I was arrested for sidewalk chalk, slow ‘news’ week?” Lair had made her Twitter account private (unlocking it later) before publicly work-shopping a response with her followers to Townhall.

According to a video, an officer emptied a water bottle brought by the activists to wash away the chalk graffiti on the exterior of The Kollege Klub across the street from Varsity Theater. The cop splashed the water on a vandalized area of the wall—an insult directed at Chappelle—that read “Go back to the…” but the rest of the phrase was unfinished or erased. “Transphobia leads to fascism” was written separately beside the line.

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