An Early Christmas Gift: Antifa Thugs Finally Being Arrested And Sent To Jail

Shush, don’t tell Joe Biden, he still doesn’t believe Antifa exists

(Multnomah County Sheriff)


December is to Antifa as Godzilla was to Tokyo, and it’s just in time for Christmas!

After over a year of watching many of the violent thugs walk away from justice, December 2021 is proving to be a nightmare for the Democrats’ commie street urchins. The man-bunned Nancy-bois of Antifa are actually starting to see the insides of jails and prisons. Santa DOES read my wish list!

Let’s take a look at some of the non-binary creatures who will be celebrating Christmas, and perhaps a few more Christmases, in orange jumpsuits.

Salad-dodger Jacob Michael Gaines traveled from Texas to Oregon to play tough gal with federal law enforcement. He attacked a U.S. Marshal with a hammer, striking the officer three times, back in July of 2020. He pleaded guilty to assaulting a federal officer with a deadly weapon.

From the Department of Justice  (DOJ) press release:

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