Arab Woman Commits Hate Crime By Deliberately Crashing Car Into What She Thought Was A Jewish School, It Was Actually A Building Owned By An ‘Anti-Semitic’ Hate Group

Ruba Almaghtheh ran her car into a building owned by the anti-semitic hate group Black Hebrew Israelites

Not The Bee

(Not The Bee) Late Friday night, Indianapolis police say 34-year-old Ruba Almaghtheh intentionally drove her car into a building that she thought was a Jewish school as a terrorist act meant to hurt Jewish individuals due to the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas.

As it turns out, she actually crashed into a building owned by an antisemitic hate group. Whoops!

From Fox 59:

Black Hebrew Israelites!

You know, the group of African-Americans who believe black people are the real Jews?

The group is so antisemitic that the far-left Anti-Defamation League and Southern Poverty Law Center BOTH call them a hate group.



No (and I have to say it), this isn’t a Babylon Bee article!

You know what’s even wilder? This Black Hebrew Israelite building belongs to an even more extreme branch called the “Israelite School of Universal Practical Knowledge” (ISUPK).


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