Biden Goes Overboard In Pushing Hate, Offers Doctors Cash Rewards For Adopting Anti-White Policies

The Biden adminsitration’s ‘commitment to racism’ is racism itself

Credit: NewsTarget


The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has developed new rules in an attempt to make American healthcare less “white,” and the Biden regime is offering cash rewards to doctors who choose to implement them.

According to reports, Hunter’s dad will now be giving bonuses to physicians who “create and implement and anti-racism plan” (“anti-racism” is code for anti-white), allowing them to boost their Medicare reimbursement rates.


Effective January 1, Medicare doctors who conduct “a clinic-wide review” of their practices’ “commitment to anti-racism” will receive more (taxpayer) money from the federal government than doctors who choose to remain color-blind so as to avoid discriminating against people with fair skin.

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