BLM Uses Racist Hate (No Surprise) To Tell People Not To Shop At ‘White Businesses’ For Christmas

BLM is a racist organization that should be be labeled a domestic terrorist group

Credit: The Post Millennial


As the Christmas holiday fast approaches, Blackxmas is urging its supports to not only buy from black-owned businesses this holiday, but actively stop purchasing from white-owned companies.

“We’re dreaming of a #Blackxmas. That means no spending with white companies from 11/26/2021 – 01/01/2022,” the website for the movement reads.

They urge readers to divest from white corporations, and instead invest in black communities.

They state that the goal is not to “replace white-capitalism with Black-capitalism,” but rather to “shake off the call to rampant consumerism and use our dollars intentionally to build Black community.”


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