Chicago’s Lesbian ‘Dyke March’ Promoting Hate With Flyers Showing The Burning Of American And Israeli Flags

This isn’t the first time this group of ‘Queers’ has promoted hate

Credit: Michael Dickson/Twitter


Chicago’s “Dyke March” is again making an anti-Semitic statement, distributing event materials showing marchers burning an Israeli flag, after the group came under fire in 2017 for banning “Jewish symbols” and Pride flags with the Star of David from their event.

This year, the group, set to march on June 26th in Chicago’s Palmer Square Park, is sharing fliers for the event featuring a woman squatting on the hood of a burning police car with holding two burning flags, an American flag and an Israeli flag.

The poster itself calls for the abolition of law enforcement and the female figure had ACAB — “All Cops Are Bastards” — written on her bottom. The phrase was ubiquitous in “anti-Fascist” graffiti left during last summer’s riots.

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