Democrat Senator Tammy Duckworth Doesn’t Hide Her Hate: I Will Only Vote For Nominees Who Are ‘Racial Minorities,’ ‘LGBTQ’

Credit: Stefani Reynolds/CNP/MediaPunch


Illinois Democratic Sen. Tammy Duckworth said Tuesday that she will oppose most of President Biden’s nominees in protest of his lack of Asian-American cabinet picks — but Biden fired back, dismissing the premise of her protest.

Biden said as he departed Ohio that it’s wrong to say he has too few high-profile Asian-American nominees. “We have the most diverse cabinet in history. We have a lot of Asian-Americans that are in the cabinet and in sub-cabinet levels,” he insisted.

Duckworth has the power to single-handedly tank contentious nominees in the evenly divided Senate, though some of Biden’s nominees have passed with significant Republican support.

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