Domestic Terrorists: Radical Trans Activists Join Forces With Antifa For Trans Day Of Vengeance Event In DC

Radical trans activists and a DC Antifa group are organising a Trans Day of Vengeance protest on April 1st at the Supreme Court of the United States

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(PM.) Radical trans activists and a DC Antifa group are organizing a Trans Day of Vengeance protest on April 1st at the Supreme Court of the United States.

Our Rights DC, an Antifa group that is part of the Antifascist Action (AFA), has joined forces with the Trans Radical Action Network in an attempt to “stop trans genocide” and increase the visibility of the transgender community.



Trans Radical Action Network is led by Noah Buchanan, a trans-identified female therapist and self-described “stigma fighter,” and a Japanese non-binary trans activist called Tsukuru Fors.

Those planning to attend are advised to “wear a mask” and “bring a buddy.”

Tsukuru Fors, who is a writer, “craftivist,” non-binary/trans/pansexual, certified yoga instructor, and “revolutionary optimist,” announced a weekend of protests with a kickoff protest on March 31st.

“Trans Day of Vengeance in Washington, DC on April 1st. It’s a weekend of protests with the main march/rally on April 1st and a kickoff protest on Fri, March 31st. Speaker slots are available. Super-special thanks to kickass organizers at OURRIGHTSDC!!!!” the tweet from Tsukuru Fors’ account stated, which has since been locked down.

Buchanan advertised the event on Tiktok along with a trans flag bearing the words “stop trans genocide.” Buchanan has posted videos to TikTok outlining the number of “trans, non-binary, gender-nonconforming lives.” Buchanan started the most recent video on the topic on February 24 by declaring that in 2023 so far, “nine trans, non-binary, gender-nonconforming lives.”

“This sh*t really needs to f**king stop,” said the trans-identified female therapist.

“I’m scared every time I go out,” said a trans-identified follower in the replies. “I always wonder if I’m going to make it home safe.”

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