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Hypocritical Hate: MSNBC Guest Slammed For Plotting To Contest Elon Musk’s U.S. Citizenship While Supporting Millions Of Illegals At Southern Border

Dean Obeidallah is attempting to request Musk’s immigration application for US citizenship


(Fox Business) Radio host and frequent MSNBC guest Dean Obeidallah faced an avalanche of mockery Monday after he declared he would investigate Twitter owner Elon Musk’s immigration records in the hopes of “strip[ping] him of US citizenship.”

The ascension of Musk to the top of Twitter has caused outrage among liberals and Obeidallah, a self-proclaimed comedian, was embarrassingly triggered.


Obeidallah tweeted, “As a lawyer Im going to do research to see if @elonmusk in any way lied on his application for US citizenship,” the commentator declared in a tweet. “I’ll be making a FOIA request for his immigration application. If he lied anywhere on application we will move to strip him of US citizenship. Stay tuned.”


“I formally made a request via FOIA today for Elon Musk’s immigration application documents. I will let you know what I hear back. The application may be 100% fine with no misinformation or lies. Then again… We will see,” he continued.

He followed up, “Just so everyone knows the facts, while I did make a FOIA request for Elon Musk’s immigration application he has to consent to the request before I can get the docs. If he consents, I will share the file. If he refuses to consent then we must ask: What is Elon hiding?!”

Elon Musk with Twitter logos around him
Elon Musk officially bought Twitter last week. (FOX Business / Fox News)

Twitter users across the platform were quick to lampoon Obeidallah. NewsBusters associate editor Nicholas Fondacaro quipped, “Dean wants to strip US citizenship from an African-American man.”

Many commentators noted that there is some irony about a liberal, an ideology known for advocating lax immigration policy, calling to investigate and punish somebody via immigration law.

National Republican Senatorial Committee deputy digital director Mike Hahn quoted liberal rhetoric back at Obeidallah, saying, “No human is illegal.”

Commentator Joe Matthews replied with a simple, “NOW you care about illegal immigration. #clown.”

“Man who loves immigrants also loves to point out that the people he doesn’t like are dirty foreigners,” wrote podcaster Noam Blum.

Reporter Tatjana Pasalic wrote, “People breathless about fascism on the reg openly promoting stripping @elonmusk of US citizenship because he disagrees with them. Amazing.”



Tijuana Mexico
The U.S.-Mexico border barrier in Tijuana, Mexico.  (Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images / Getty Images)

National Review writer Charles C.W. Cooke took it one step further by highlighting some dystopian phrasing about how Obeidallah framed his proposal. He noted. “This person describes himself as a ‘liberal,’” and shared a screenshot of Obeidallah essentially arguing that if Musk has done nothing wrong, he has nothing to hide.



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