Jury Intimidation: Racist MSNBC Host Al Sharpton Gathers More Than 100 Black Pastors Outside Arbery Trial In Georgia

MSNBC was just banned from the Kyle Rittenhouse trial for following a bus full of jurors

Credit: Information Liberation


At the same time MSNBC was being banned from a Kenosha courthouse for allegedly stalking Rittenhouse jurors in a suspected attempt at jury intimidation, MSNBC host Al Sharpton was hosting a political rally outside a Brunswick courthouse to intimidate jurors in the Ahmaud Arbery shooting trial.

Last week, Judge Timothy Walmsley said that he would allow Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and other racial arsonists into his courtroom during the trial despite complaints from the defense that their presence would serve to intimidate the jury and bias them against Gregory and Travis McMichael and their neighbor William Bryan.

Bryan’s defense attorney Kevin Gough had complained about “black pastors” including Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson being shuffled in and out of the courtroom in view of the jury and sitting with Arbery’s family.

The media responded by painting Gough as a “racist” (what else?) and Judge Walmsley scolded him and labelled his comments “reprehensible.”


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