MSNBC Analyst Spits On The Brave Marines Killed In Afghanistan Suicide Blast, Tweets ‘Deal With It’

Ed Rode / Getty Images for Politicon


Left-wing ideologue and MSNBC analyst Malcolm Nance created a firestorm of criticism over a tweet he posted and then deleted that told Americans to “deal with it” just moments after the country learned it had lost more than a dozen American servicemen in Afghanistan.

Thirteen American troops — among them 10 Marines and one Navy corpsman — died in Kabul on Thursday when a person reportedly affiliated a group called ISIS-K blew himself up. Another bomb also went off in front of a hotel near the airport in the Afghan capital.

At least 90 died while more than 150 others were wounded, CBS News reported.

It almost seemed inevitable, given how badly President Joe Biden has botched the country’s exit from Afghanistan after two decades, that Americans would end up hurt or killed. Thursday’s events were a sobering reminder of just how rudderless our country is.

We’re worse than rudderless. We’re rudderless without a captain or even a first mate.

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