MSNBC Host Tiffany Cross Implies Some ‘Black Voices’ Aren’t Black Enough, Apparently Not Towing The ‘White Hate’ Narrative

What cross is saying is that If you’re for fairness, then you’re really not a ‘black voice’



MSNBC weekend host Tiffany Cross had some harsh words for several Black media figures she considered “not necessarily Black voices” during her Saturday show.

The “Cross Connection” host focused her monologue on notable Black figures like political commentator and Democratic activist Van Jones, ESPN anchor Sage Steele, and Ozy founder and former MSNBC anchor Carlos Watson for supposedly not being “Black voices.”

“Okay, Carlos Watson, Sage Steele, Van Jones. What do these three folks have in common?

Well, they’re all people who’ve been prompted up by wealthy or powerful White Americans, and yet we, the keepers of the culture, don’t really rock with any of them like that. Now obviously, the three of these folks are definitely Black faces. However, they are not necessarily Black voices. And there’s a difference,” Cross said.

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