Navy Seals Being Threatened, Harassed For Seeing Vaccine Exemption Over Department Of Defense Mandate

The Navy is threatening demotions, pay cuts and a ban on travel for SEALS who have religious objections to the vaccine


A growing number of U.S. Navy SEALS who are seeking a religious exemption to the Department of Defense’s (DOD) COVID-19 vaccine mandate are being threatened and, in some cases, harassed into submission, Fox News has learned.

A series of new directives by the Navy are promising severe punishment, including demotions, pay cuts and a ban on travel for SEALS, and other Navy service members, who do not comply with the vaccine mandate. For some SEALS who are in the process of seeking a religious exemption to the mandate, the process is nearly impossible to successfully complete to get a waiver, Fox News has been told.

Michael Berry, First Liberty Institute’s general counsel and Lt. Col. U.S. Marine Corps Reserve, who is representing approximately 34 active-duty SEALS and two reservists, told Fox News that the Navy’s new directives are illegal and infringe upon an individual’s First Amendment freedoms.

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