Pro Palestinian ‘Terrorists’ Attack Jews On Streets Of New York City



Jews were attacked in a heavily Jewish business district in New York City on Thursday night following the announcement of a ceasefire in the Middle East between Israel and Palestinian terrorists.

“The fight in New York City occurred around the same time as a pro-Israel demonstration on Thursday in New York City that also attracted pro-Palestinian counter-protesters,” The Times of Israel reported. “It took place in the Diamond District, a midtown Manhattan street with many Jewish-owned businesses.”

Videos posted to social media showed extremists yelling “f***ing Zionist” and other similar profanities while holding a Palestinian flag, according to reports. A group of pro-Palestinian extremists, described by one man as “actual terrorists on the streets of New York City,” mobbed a restaurant and spit on patrons because they were Jewish, according to the same man.

“These are not Palestinian terror supporters,” he wrote on Twitter. “These are actual terrorists on the streets of New York City. Attacking diners for one reason. They’re Jewish.”

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