Still Hating: Ben & Jerry’s Doubles Down On Their Hate For Israel, Now Requires New Employees To Watch Anti-Israel Lecture

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(Harbingers Daily) In July of 2021, Ben & Jerry’s made the controversial decision to end the sale of its products in what they referred to as “Occupied Palestinian Territories.”

This overtly anti-Israel decision sparked a widespread outcry against the corporation. The ramifications included divestment from its parent company Unilever by several states, including Florida, New Jersey, and Illinois. The move also resulted in the Chair of Ben & Jerry’s being voted “Antisemite of the Year” by the watchdog StopAntisemitism.


Despite the backlash from customers, corporations, states, employees, and franchise owners, Ben & Jerry’s continues to stand un-repentant, doubling down on their bias against Israel.

The Jewish Insider reported Monday that Ben & Jerry’s is now requiring all new employees to watch a lecture denouncing the Jewish State as part of their training.

According to the employees who reviewed the video, the four-hour “Scooper Series: Social Mission” presentation discussed “racism in the U.S. and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict,” JI documented.

Featured in the video was Omar Shakir, a Palestinian activist who reportedly advised Ben & Jerry’s Board on their 2021 decision to pull their product from Judea and Samaria.

Shakir serves as the Israel and Palestine director for Human Rights Watch, a US-based Non-Government Organization. In April of 2021, HRW released a report accusing Israel of apartheid, committing crimes against humanity, and calling on the United Nations to introduce sanctions on the Jewish State.

During the Ben & Jerry’s lecture, Shakir tells new employees that Israel is responsible for the multi-day terrorist barrage of 4,300 Palestinian rockets toward Israeli civilians. The “escalation” he claims started as a result of “discriminatory efforts” by Israel “to force Palestinians out of their homes in occupied East Jerusalem…”

He further asserted that Israel’s current policies aim to restrict Palestinian movement in the hopes of “remov[ing] the large Palestinian population in Gaza — off Israel’s demographic balance sheet.”

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