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A Complete Sham: Michigan Governor Whitmer’s ‘Parents Council’ Full Of Democrat Activists, Extreme Leftists

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(Daily Caller) Democratic Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer created a “parents’ council” to provide “input on education spending” comprised of a pro-abortion activist, a campaign donor and an individual who claims she feels “unease” around white men.

Whitmer appointed 13 individuals to the Michigan Parents’ Council on Sept. 19, according to a press release from the Governor’s office. The council allegedly seeks parental input in educational spending in the lead-up to an election season where Republicans are largely seen as the party of parental rights.


The council includes a handful of activists, including an individual who advocated against a bill banning Critical Race Theory from being taught in public K-12 schools. Member Cindy Gamboa once provided testimony to the Michigan House of Representatives, stating she feels “unease” around white men and that she did not believe that Critical Race Theory needed to be banned from public schools.

In a separate tweet, Gamboa said that “Driving while Brown” makes people a target of police officers.

“Border Patrol is constantly in our neighborhood, and we’re constantly living in fear. And ‘Driving while Brown,’ speaking Spanish or simply appearing Latino makes us a target,” Gamboa said in the tweet.


Another council member, Yazeed Moore, made a Facebook post in 2020 claiming black lives are “cut short as a result of prejudice, bias, hate and/or racism.” He also called on white people to “step in” and do “justice and equity work” in the post.

Council member Rafael Turner appears to have a history of supporting Whitmer’s agenda. In one photo, Turner is pictured with Whitmer celebrating Juneteenth. Turner also donated $350 to Whitmer’s campaign and an additional $100 to the Michigan House Democratic Fund, according to a review of Michigan’s Campaign Finance Search.

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