Accessory To Murder? Yelp Helping Employees Cover Travel Expenses When Seeking Out-Of-State Abortions

The company is providing motivation for employees to kill their unborn babies


Crowd-source business review platform Yelp has become the latest major company to offer financial support for female employees living in pro-life states to travel to abort their unborn children.

Miriam Warren, the San Francisco-based company’s chief diversity officer, defended the move Tuesday by arguing that “[t]he ability to control your reproductive health, and whether or when you want to extend your family, is absolutely fundamental to being able to be successful in the workplace,” The New York Times reported.

It’s unclear why being able to kill an unborn baby should be necessary for professional success at Yelp. LifeSiteNews reached out to the company for comment but has yet to hear back.

California pro-abortion Democrat Gov. Gavin Newsom praised Yelp in a Wednesday tweet, saying the policy is another example of “California companies doing the right thing.”

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