Alarming!! Doctor Says mRNA Vaccines “Will Kill Most People” Through Heart Failure, 62% Already Showing Microscopic Blood Clots

Credit: NewsTarget


The vast majority of people who are getting injected for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) will die within a few short years from heart failure, warns Dr. Charles Hoffe, M.D., a medical practitioner in British Columbia, Canada.

In one of his latest updates, Dr. Hoffe explains that he is observing in his patients who took an mRNA (messenger RNA) “vaccine” from either Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna that their capillaries are now plugging up, which he says will eventually lead to a serious cardiovascular event.

Chinese Virus mRNA shots are programmed to turn a person’s body into a spike protein “factory,” and Dr. Hoffe says that over time these mass-produced spike proteins cause progressive blood clotting.

No fewer than 60 percent of people who take an mRNA injection will suffer from these blood clots – and in the end, an overwhelming majority will end up six feet under due to the damage caused.

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