Arkansas Judge Threatens Hunter Biden With 6 Month Jail Term If He Doesn’t Attend Court Hearings And Hand Over Financial Documents In Child Support Case

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(Gateway Pundit) An Arkansas judge threatened Hunter Biden with jail if he doesn’t appear in court to answer questions about his finances as part of a child support lawsuit filed by his baby mama Lunden Roberts.

Judge Holly Meyer ordered Hunter Biden to appear in court on July 10 to answer questions about his finances.


Hunter Biden last month appeared in court to lower his $20,000 per month child support payments to the mother of his 4-year-old lovechild.

Hunter’s daughter Navy Joan and Lunden Roberts

Judge Holly Meyer blasted Hunter’s lawyers last month and demanded transparency.

“The ability to redact is somewhat being abused,” the judge said.

The judge demanded Hunter Biden answer questions about income from his art sales and other business deals.

Hunter’s lawyer told the judge he doesn’t know the identities of the people who purchased Hunter Biden’s art.

The judge threatened to issue a subpoena to the art gallery to find out who purchased the art and the value of the paintings.

According to court papers, the judge threatened to put Hunter Biden in jail for 6 months if he doesn’t appear in court next month to answer Lunden Roberts’ questions about his finances.

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