Artist SABO Unleashes Truths On Joe Biden Prior To Hollywood Fundraiser With George Clooney, Appearance On Jimmy Kimmel


(BPR) Proving once again that Hollywood and the Democratic Party are perpetually intertwined, fundraising efforts have taken on new life as the 2024 election looms closer.

And who better to troll the leftists in Washington and Tinsel Town than conservative street artist Sabo who unleashed his edgy images ahead of this weekend’s fundraiser where late-night TV host Jimmy Kimmel will interview President Joe Biden and former President Barack Obama. A sign promoting Kimmel became the backdrop for one of Sabo’s attention-getting illustrations, this time a “Stop” sign with one of the many images of Biden super-close to a young girl.

(Images: Courtesy of Sabo)

Actress Julia Roberts and George Clooney are also expected to attend the star-studded June 15 fundraiser. However, there were evidently some concerns that he would be a no-show following a reported call to the White House because of his wife.

Sabo’s stealth ’embellishments’ to existing ads and structures never fail to capture attention and reaction.

Sabo. whose work is available for purchase on, is a frequent and vocal critic of Biden, Democrats, and the established liberal cult in Hollywood, He employs culture jamming to disrupt and subvert what he believes is a pervasive leftist narrative in today’s creative arts and media culture. Sabo’s galleries are the billboards, ad instillations, and surfaces found on the streets of Los Angeles.

In the latest round of art, Sabo adorned benches, bus tops, and more with fake ads aimed right at the heart of the Biden regime. A jab at BIden featured a take on a Bed Bath & Beyond ad harkening back to claims in the diary belonging to the president’s daughter, Ashley Biden. The diary entries included one in which she described showering with her father when she was a young girl.

Sabo adorned a bus shelter and a nearby bench with the shower poster, giving passers-by plenty to contemplate.

In keeping with the theme of the upcoming fundraiser, Sabo took a playful spin with George Clooney’s character of Dr. Doug Ross in the 1990s medical drama series “ER.”

“Trump Derangement Syndrome,” the poster reads. “It’s real and many suffer but there’s help.”

“If you or a loved one suffers from TDS eat two d**ks and call this number,” the sensational fake ad reads.

The number included in the artwork appears to belong to The Abbey Food & Bar, a gay bar in West Hollywood.

Sabo did not spare Clooney’s wife, a British-Lebanese human rights lawyer who was recently part of a panel advising the International Criminal Court which issued arrest warrants for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar over alleged war crimes.

The court’s move was denounced by the Biden administration with President Joe Biden calling it “outrageous” in a statement that reportedly prompted a call from George Clooney to the White House.

“Looney Clooney Is The Bomb,” read the poster featuring an image of Amal Clooney.

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