Biden Administration Resumes It’s ‘Secret’ Midnight Flights Of Dumping Illegal Immigrants Around The Country

This one was a drop at the Westchester County Airport in New York



The White House has quietly resumed its after-dark charter flights of underage migrants to a suburban airport north of New York City — after a Post expose led to their suspension last year.

The Post watched as a group of migrant teens got off an Avelo Airlines plane that arrived at the Westchester County Airport near White Plains at 9:25 p.m. Thursday. The group then boarded three waiting buses that drove off about 50 minutes later.

One bus traveled to the Walt Whitman Service Area in Cherry Hill, NJ, just across the Delaware River from Philadelphia. After the bus pulled up at around 12:45 a.m. Friday, several teens disembarked, retrieved their bags from the luggage compartment and left with adults who were waiting there to meet them.

The bus left the rest stop around 1:05 a.m. and continued south on the New Jersey Turnpike.

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