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Biden Education Official: Democracy And ‘Everything Else’ Is White Supremacy

Kristina Ishmael sent out a tweet exposing her hate before deleting it

(Image by Mark Thomas from Pixabay.)

(PJ Media) “Kristina Ishmael [she/her],” a Biden deputy director to the Department of Education’s Office of Educational Technology, made her Twitter account private after Fox News caught her claiming that democracy, “fatphobia,” and, well, pretty much everything else is “white supremacy.” Considering that Ishmael said she was tuning out white people, while she/herself is white, should we follow her example and exclude her from public expression?

Fox News reported that said she also tweeted, “Learning to be comfortable in my own skin & weight and really ready to reject the White supremacist ideal body? F*ck yes. Fatphobia is real. The ‘ideal’ weight, shape & look is white supremacy baked into our everyday lives. I’m so over it. We deserve more than diets.” Because apparently only white people have ever criticized fatness?


“[Democracy is] also built on white supremacy, which I see perpetuated in education circles when BIPOC folx are being told they’re too negative by addressing real issues instead of superlatives,” Ishmael tweeted. The Biden official also tweeted an accusation that the “white evangelical church” has “welcomed” both “White supremacy and hate.” Ishmael commented, “Amen.” Which would seem to lower her woke score, since she did not add “awomen.”

Over a quarter of Americans identify as evangelical, Fox News reported.

In 2019, Ishmael pontificated, “I walked away from a conversation because a white male dominated the conversation that was being facilitated by a woman of color. Sometimes walking away is the only thing to do.”

Ishmael also seemed to ponder if white homosexuals ought to be considered marginalized in school curriculum. Which is clearly a consideration of paramount importance for an educator. “In most ‘inclusive’ materials, the most dominant folx are still represented in the marginalized group (e.g. white, cis, gay men). This does not include the nuance of this group,” Ishmael whined. But she’s always focused on the most important aspects of education: “[M]ost of my curriculum was written from a very narrow and white perspective.”

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