Biden’s DNI Confirms Iran Has Been Funding Pro-Hamas Chaos In The U.S.

Biden has enabled Iran by stripping sanctions imposed by Donald Trump

AP Photo/Stefan Jeremiah

(Townhall) Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines confirmed in a statement released on Tuesday that actors tied to Iran’s government have been growing “increasingly aggressive in their foreign influence efforts,” including but not limited to fomenting pro-Hamas protests in the United States and providing funding for the supposedly spontaneous movement calling for the elimination of Israel and murder of Jews.

Released as “the first of what will be regular updates” regarding “foreign efforts to influence our democratic processes…leading into the Presidential and congressional elections this year,” Haines reported that “Iran is becoming increasingly aggressive in their foreign influence efforts, seeking to stoke discord and undermine confidence in our democratic institutions, as we have seen them do in the past, including in prior election cycles.”

Warning that the Iranian regime and its assets “continue to adapt their cyber and influence activities, using social media platforms and issuing threats,” Haines said it is “likely they will continue to rely on their intelligence services in these efforts, as well as Iran-based online influencers, to promote their narratives.”

Specifically, Haines said that “Iranian government actors have sought to opportunistically take advantage of ongoing protests regarding the war in Gaza, using a playbook we’ve seen other actors use over the years” in “recent weeks.”

“We have observed actors tied to Iran’s government posing as activists online, seeking to encourage protests, and even providing financial support to protesters,” Haines added.

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