Biden’s DOJ Makes ‘Yuge’ Mistake, May Be Forced To Defend Trump In Lawsuit Against Him


So far, radical Democrats have jumped at nearly every opportunity to cast blame on former President Donald Trump for the Jan. 6 incursion into the Capitol. But in a new twist, legal experts say President Joe Biden’s Department of Justice may be forced to defend Trump in a lawsuit relating to Jan. 6.

Earlier this month, the Justice Department’s Civil Division acting head Brian Boynton argued in favor of Trump in a lawsuit against him coming from writer E. Jean Carroll. She accused Trump of sexual assault in 2019, but Trump asserted she was “totally lying.”

As a result of Trump’s accusation, Carroll sued him for defamation. In a brief filed on June 7, Boynton said Trump was acting within the scope of his duties as president by responding to the allegations.

“When members of the White House media asked then-President Trump to respond to Ms Carroll’s serious allegations of wrongdoing, their questions were posed to him in his capacity as President,” he said.

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