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Born Alive? Undercover Footage Shows Evidence Of Gruesome Practices At D.C. Abortion Clinic

The video evidence suggests ‘a clear violation of the ethics of informed consent and an abuse of power,’ the Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising said


(LifeSite News) A newly-released undercover video obtained by a major pro-life group gives a shocking look into the alleged practices of an infamous Washington, D.C. abortion facility.

Undercover footage obtained by pro-life organization Live Action and released Thursday suggests that abortion workers at The Washington Surgi Abortion Clinic in the nation’s capital may have violated even the most basic standards of the abortion industry.


The clinic, run by by notorious abortionist Cesare Santangelo, is the same location at which pro-lifers discovered the remains of five extremely late-term babies, who may have been killed after being born alive, earlier this year.

In the video recorded in January and released Thursday, a patient asked an abortion nurse for details about the abortion procedures offered by the facility.

The nurse admitted during the conversation that staffers at the clinic do not use a feticide drug to ensure that babies are not born alive during an abortion. In the video, the nurse says that while “a lot of people do the injection through the heart and all that” to kill an unborn baby, “we don’t do that here.”

The nurse nonetheless assured the patient that despite not injecting the child with a feticide drug, the baby would “be alive when you go to sleep, but she will definitely have passed before [the abortionist] does anything.”

The remains of the child would then be disposed of as “medical waste,” the nurse said.

The nurse also told the patient that in order to get further details regarding the actual abortion, she would need to commit to the procedure and take the drug Xanax before speaking with Santangelo, the abortionist.

Santangelo had previously admitted in another undercover video nearly a decade ago he would not save a baby born alive.

Live Action president and founder Lila Rose described the footage in a press release Thursday, suggesting that the evidence shows the notorious D.C. facility “is forcing mothers to take mind-altering medications before meeting with the abortionist and giving final consent.”

Rose also highlighted the fact that according to the abortion nurse the clinic doesn’t use digoxin, which she described as “a lethal injection given to the infant in utero during an abortion to ensure the baby is not born alive during the procedure.”

“The footage also provides firsthand testimony that the Washington Surgi-Clinic may kill later-term babies without using a feticidal drug, increasing the chance that the babies would be born alive and then brutally and illegally killed,” Rose explained, adding that “[w]hether or not this drug is used, this facility is ending innocent lives through violence.”

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