Bombshell: Investigation Reveals COVID-19 Was Developed By Chinese Military And Leaked At Wuhan Lab

AP Photo/Ng Han Guan

(PJ Media) It’s been clear to many of us for some time now that COVID-19 was not created by nature, and likely leaked from the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Despite what was becoming increasingly clear to the public, U.S. health officials (including Anthony Fauci) insisted for three years that COVID-19 came from nature, essentially acting as willing accomplices in trying to cover up the truth to protect China.

But according to a bombshell report from the Sunday Times (UK), COVID-19 was indeed the result of genetic engineering carried out by the Chinese military.


Why would U.S. health officials want to cover this up? Because the funding for this effort originated in the United States, coming from the National Institute of Health via the EcoHealth Alliance. The Chinese military got involved with the coronavirus research around 2017 once significant progress was being made in gain-of-function research.

From the Sunday Times:

The Sunday Times conducted an extensive review of hundreds of documents, including confidential reports, internal memos, scientific papers, and email correspondences obtained from various sources spanning three years since the start of the pandemic. Interviews were also conducted with U.S. State Department investigators who specialized in China, emerging pandemic threats, and biowarfare.

It’s been alleged for some time that the EcoHealth Alliance has been circumventing the U.S. ban on gain-of-function research that was imposed during the Obama administration, and congressional investigations have made it quite clear that China has been covering up the truth. But the Sunday Times describes its investigation as “paint[ing] the clearest picture yet of what happened in the Wuhan laboratory.”

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