Wall Street Journal Finally Acknowledges COVID Came From A Lab Yet Anthony Fauci And The Mainstream Media Continues To Gaslight Americans

Dr. Anthony Fauci gave everyone Covid advice while covering up his involvement with Wuhan Lab


(LifeSite) The Wall Street Journal just breathlessly reported that the Covid virus was manufactured in a lab. It even hinted that the lab in question might have been — drumroll, please — the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Of course, this is not news to anyone but those who still read the mainstream media. Those benighted souls have been kept in the dark about the origins of the recent pandemic for four long years.


LifeSitNews readers, on the other hand, have known the truth from the beginning.


Because right after the outbreak of Covid in China — when Anthony Fauci was feverishly colluding with other virologists to cover up the Wuhan connection, and Beijing was lying to the world about bats and “wet markets” — LifeSitecourageously published my article pointing to the lab.

“How Covid-19 may have been deliberately engineered in a China biolab,” I wrote on April 22, 2020. I pointed out that all the evidence — everything from Beijing’s urgent directives about the shoddy safety practices of its biolabs to the sudden trip of the head of China’s bioweapons program to Wuhan — suggested that Covid-19 may well be a human-engineered virus that escaped from the lab.

The piece was widely read online despite the efforts of the social media giants to prevent it from trending. But Facebook and others didn’t stop there. They followed Fauci’s lead in condemning me and others as “conspiracy theorists.”

But yesterday’s conspiracy theories have a way of becoming today’s conspiracy fact.

In the months following my early report, the evidence continued to pile up that the virus was a product of the lab. And LifeSiteNews continued to break these stories.

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