Censorship On Steroids: 12 State Attorneys Generals Demand Big Tech Ban Stories From People Injured By Vaccines

They’s rather people die for not being able to read something that could alter their decision

Credit: News Target


Attorney generals from twelve states are calling on the world’s top social media networks to completely eradicate any negative claim about covid-19 vaccines. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey have already implemented “misinformation” policies that remove any dissent against government lock downs, mandatory masks, and Big Pharma’s forceful vaccine push.

However, the new covid vaccines are so faulty and unsafe, vaccine injury and death claims are still spreading across social media.

After being noticeably censored on their own pages for sharing vaccine truths, Facebook users have flocked to Facebook groups to talk about the covid-19 vaccine side effects.

One of these groups reported tens of thousands of personal testimonies about the harms of these vaccines. This group consisted of more than 120,000 people and was growing by 10,000 people every week as vaccine injury reports poured in. The group has since been removed by Facebook, as The Ministry of Truth rewrites history and covers up its crimes.

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