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Chief Hypocrite: A ‘Valid ID’ Was Required For Biden’s New York Fundraiser With Obama And Clinton

While Biden and Democrats believe Voter ID laws are racist

The National Pulse

(National Pulse) At President Joe Biden‘s fancy fundraiser in New York City, guests were made to present a valid form of photo ID to enter. Instructions received by guests note the name on their ID must match the name printed on their ticket. The identification and name-match requirements contrast with the Democrat Party’s opposition to similar requirements in U.S. elections.

Republican state lawmakers across the country have pushed for strong voter ID laws, ballot custody restrictions, and name-match requirements for years. They contend that these measures are critical to reducing instances of election fraud.


The issue became especially prevalent after the 2020 presidential election when questions of ballot integrity in several states lingered. While national Democrats have dismissed Republican concerns as ‘unfounded,’ there have been several instances of Democrat politicians and activists facing prosecution for election fraud in subsequent contests since 2020.


In Washington, D.C., a local Democrat elected official received a $500 fine for committing voter fraud during the 2020 election – voting in both the District of Columbia and the State of Maryland. Two New Jersey Democrats were indicted by the state’s Attorney General for multiple instances of election fraud in elections held in 2020 and 2021. Another former New Jersey Democrat party official was indicted for election fraud this past February relating to a mail-in-ballot scheme.

The results of a local run-off election for sheriff were voided by a Louisiana judge after serious evidence of the election was uncovered. Democrat Henry Whitehorn appeared to have narrowly defeated Republican Republican John Nickelson by a single vote; however, at least eleven ballots were shown to have been cast fraudulently. Whitehorn subsequently won the do-over election.

One of the most concerning instances of fraud has been the ongoing drama surrounding the mayor’s race in Bridgeport, Connecticut — which will now be held a third time after the initial two elections were voided due to fraud.


Meanwhile, survey data from Pew Research shows that voters overwhelmingly support election integrity measures. A massive 81 percent of respondents said they favor requiring people to show government-issued photo identification to vote, and 82 percent said they favor requiring paper ballot backups for electronic voting machines. Seventy-two percent of those polled said they were in favor of making Election Day a national holiday, while 76 percent say early voting should be available for two weeks prior to Election Day.

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